Steel rope DIN 3058

Resistant to heavy abrasion due to the presence of oversized wires in the top layer. Manufactured with an organic core. Rope diameter range: от 4,6 мм до 46,0 mm This product consists of organic or synthetic material and steel wires of different diameters, which enables the use of such ropes in conditions of considerable abrasion. Steel wire ropes (DIN 3058) with a point-to-point contact type of strands are made by double twist technology. The application range of these steel products is quite wide. Steel wire ropes (DIN 3058) are used for fastening loads and a wide range of structures, for alloying timbers and for rigging work. In addition, these products have proven their worth in cable-car applications as well as in various hoisting and braking mechanisms.
The price is available on request.
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