Clamps for metal sheet material

Metal sheet is the most popular type of metal products. The steel sheets are used in many areas of construction and industry. For transportation of the sheet rolled metal special cargo clamps are used, namely clamps for metal sheet.

Two types of clamps:

Vertical clamp for metal sheet can be used separately as well as in pairs.
Horizontal lifting clamps for metal sheet are always used in pairs.

To ensure the stable position of the metal sheet it is recommended to use minimum three-four clamps.

There are a lot of variants of different design sheet clamps in stock. Their common function is ensuring of secure and strong grip between the supporting pad and clamping part and between the supporting pad and the cargo.

The sheets can be transported piece by piece or in packs. The thickness of the sheet or pack - up to 250 millimeters.

The ensuring of the sheet materials lifting clamp reliability.

To ensure the safety of the lifting and transportation process it is required:

to strictly follow any safety regulations
to estimate the correct angle of the slinging which are stated in the passport
to position the sheet straightly, without any bending.

All clamps for the metal sheets are checked for the defects. The clamps for metal sheet with any deformation revealed, without notification signs, with corrosion, with damaged fixing, with cracks or wear and tear more than 10 percent are not allowed for the operation.

Positive features of the lifting clamp made by company StalProm

easy operation system
the delivery set include a pair of cams to ensure the fast and easy gripping of the cargo
high quality steel is used for the manufacturing of the clamps
to ensure the protection of the metal it is covered with enamel coating finishing
affordable price

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