Clamp for lifting of sheet in vertical position 1 ZSK11 (works in pairs)

Clamp for lifting of sheet in vertical position 1 ZSK11 (works i
Cargo type: rolled metal sheet The clamp is used for lifting and relocation of rolled metal sheet in vertical position. It is also possible to you this clamps for lifting of H-beams and other beams. The clamp is used in pairs. Maximum working load limit: 12,5 t
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It is designed for transportation of sheet rolled metal in vertical position. It is used in pair.

We bring to your attention the vertical lifting clamps for metal sheet 1ZSK11 for vertical lifting. During the designing of this device the Russian specialist use the positive experience of overseas manufacturers in the area of cargo lifting mechanism designing. It can be said now that this type of clamps has found its consumer already.

By contacting our production company StalProm you can purchase the vertical lifting clamps 1ZSK11 model at affordable prices from the manufacturing plant without intermediary company margin. The detailed quotation is made by the contact phone number. Our consultants will answer all of your questions and will tell you about the technical specification of the products you are interested in.

The clamp for the vertical lifting is the most demanded in the Russian Federation market. Nowadays most customers already prefer the domestic made models to their analogues from abroad. The characteristics of the weight of the cargo being lifted, quality and safety are almost same but the Russian goods are more affordable. This is  the decisive factor of choosing for Russian consumers.

The vertical clamp for lifting of sheet material made in China has the construction of DSQ variant. Other manufacturers most often use QC model as the basis. It is worth mentioning that the domestic products are more mobile, compact and is oriented mainly on the domestic market and corresponds to the Russian technical standards.

Domestic made clamps for sheet of high quality are available for purchase without intermediary companies and at affordable price in our production company StalProm.
Name    Working load limit of the clamp, t    Self weight of 1 piece, kg    Gripping range, mm

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