Clamps for railway

Railway clamps are used for lifting and transportation of the materials used during the construction of the railways, manufacturing and repairing of the rolling stock.

Railway clamp classification

Clamp for rails is used for lifting of rails both for the top and bottoms parts. They are used in pairs and are connected with slings.

Clamps for rails can be:

  • tong type (for lifting and transporation of rails in horizontal position, the gripping is made for the top part of the rail);
  • fork type;
  • for tram rails;
  • for lifting of several rails simultaneously.

Clamp for freight wagon bolster. Its name is self-explanatory. During the operation only minimal human participation is required (or not at all). The lifting of the rails can be made both by one clamp and by two clamps and a lifting beam.

Clamp for axle box

The clamp for railway wheels can be used for lifting the wheels for the outer diameter as well as for the centre hole. A set of clamps on a lifting beam is used for lifting of several wheels simultaneously.

The clamp for wheel set axle can be used both as a single unit and in pairs with a lifting beam. The working load limit of this clamp varies in range from 0.5 to 5 t.

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