Vehicle Lifting Clamp

The clamp for lifting and moving vehicle is quite easy to use. It can lift cars with wheels of various radus. The construction of the vehicle lifting clamp contains special retainer screws that provide adjustment of the clamp fork in accordance with wheels type and size. This clamp has a limiter equipped with a rubber pad that protects the vehicle body from damage.

Usually, to lift a vehicle a set is used. It contains a lifting beam to which wheel clamps are attached by slings. Such a set is used for lifting and moving vehicles during evacuation, lifting and transportation.

Vehicle lifting clamps are classified according to their purpose.

Light Vehicle Lifting Clamp

For the safe transportation of a light vehicle, a special clamp is used to lift this type of vehicle. Its load-bearing design has several advantages: it is reliable, easy to use, fuss-free and has a low weight. These clamps are used for all types of vehicle, as they are equipped with functional units that allow them to be used for wheels of various sizes. Most clamps of this type are equipped with special rubberized inserts, significantly reducing the risk of damage to the vehicle. Also, the inserts reliably fix the vehicle body, preventing its sliding.

Cargo Vehicle Lifting Clamp

Cargo vehicle lifting clamp is designed to lift and move cargo vehicles by four wheels. It is used during evacuations, in ports, during loading, unloading, transportation and repair work. To raise a cargo vehicle a set is used, which includes a lifting beam and four wheel clamps. The lifting of a cargo vehicle is best done using a special lifting beam to which wheel clamps are attached using textile slings.


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