Lashing belts

The lashing belt securely fixes the goods on the cargo platform, parts of the automobile body or other parts. The goods are kept in place by the significant friction force which is created by the lashing belt. Maximum loading capacity: 20 t.

The lashing belts make the transportation of the goods safer and more convenient. Due to them the transported goods do not move from side to side during the movement or hard braking. When transported using the equipment of this kind, the goods will be delivered to the destination point safe and sound, without any defects.

Our company manufactures and sells high-quality lashing belts, strictly keeps the European safety rules. The goods made by StalProm company are distinguished by easiness of operation and convenience of storage since they do not require a lot of storage space or any special storage conditions.

It is desirable to buy the lashing belts if your company deals in oversize goods transportation service. Due to high quality of the locking device and the laboratory tested accessories which include ratchet buckle, hooks and textile webbing you will be able to ensure the durability, soundness and safety of the transported goods. Due to its high quality, the lashing belt has prolonged operation period. It is wear proof enough and can sustain high loads.

It is possible to purchase the lashing belt designed for the fixing in our company at affordable price. This item is always in stock in our warehouse. The belts manufactured by StalProm are distinguished by quality, safety and durability.

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