Chain lashing systems

"The lashing system consists of chain sling leg with terminal elements - chain hooks on both sides and ratchet mechanism - load binder. The load binder is completed with shortening hooks enabling the secure fixing of the chain. Maximum loading capacity: 16 t"
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The purpose of the chain lashing system using

The chain cargo lashing system ensures the maximum safety of the fixing of the construction or other objects which are transported by cargo lifting equipment. Lashing device type and the load binder model are chosen according to the fixing technology and chain size.

Chain lashing systems are complex equipment which includes different elements connected by coupling devices. This configuration securely fixes the elements to each other as well as to the fixed objects (cargo).

Chain lashing system application area

The chain lashing systems are used for fixing of large dimension heavy goods which include heavy equipment or vehicles on the cargo platforms used for their transportation. They are used as tension device for fixing of heavy weight cargo for its transportation by water, automobile, railway or other means of ground transport. This lashing device is particularly useful when applied on road construction, construction, automobile or other special transport.

Such systems are also used in other areas of transportation and fixing of the goods where the chain should be strained. This is done by a load binder.

Additional strain of the chain necessary for the secure fixing of the oversized cargo is also made by lashing system. This type of lashing systems are operated by a load binder which pull separate chain legs together.

The peculiarity of this device is the possibility of operation with one hand due to special handle. Also due to this, the operation process becomes more simple and it is possible to perform any necessary manipulations while another hand is busy handling the steer wheel or steering levers.

The chain lashing systems are differentiated by their key modifications which have following different features:

  • class of the metal material;
  • chain links diameter;
  • type of load binder;
  • Chain size, mm Working load limit, kg Set self weight, kg.
Chain lashing systems
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