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Mission of StalProm LLC

StalProm LLC is commited to production of high-quality lifting equipment meeting all the needs of the customer. To reach this goal, a strategy of continual service improvement and production development has been chosen.

Rapid start and constant development

StalProm LLC was founded in 2002. At the moment the company occupied a production area of 3000 sq.m. Steel wire ropes and wire rope slings were the first items in the catalogue for sale. Shortly after production start-up, production capacity building has begun, allowing to maximize the range of manufactured lifting equipment and cover absolutely all fields of its application: machine industry, metalworking production, power industry, oil and gas industry, metal mining industry, building and construction industry and other industries requiring reliable lifting equipment.

Separate lifting equipment, textile and steelwork production facilities have been set up. Gradually, the latest unique wetal-working equipment had been being implemented, allowing to perform the most complex custom orders of exceptional quality and within compressed production time frame. An excellent example of the aforesaid is the high-capacity wire rope slings workshop where wire rope slings up to 72 mm in diameter are being made. In Russia, only a few can offer such products, and among these companies StalProm LLC occupies a leading place in terms of production.

You can also add the following to the unique equipment:

  • CNC screw-cutting lathes (parts up to 5000 mm in length, up to 1000 mm in diameter, up to 5000 kg in weight);
  • mills (parts up to 850 mm in length, up to 500 mm in width, up to 580 mm in height, up to 5000 kg in weight);
  • boring units (maximum boring diameter 110 mm, machining of parts up to 4000 kg);
  • drilling units (maximum drilling diameter 50 mm);
  • weaving looms for textile webbing production;
  • thermal dyeing equipment for textile webbing dyeing;
  • wire rope splicing machines for the wire ropes up to 72 mm in diameter;
  • round sling machines;
  • slings sewing equipment;
  • bending and rounding equipment;
  • pressure equipment;
  • HFC ovens;
  • testing workbenches up to 100 t load.

All this eventually allowed to increase the production 10 times, and the total area to date is 11000 square meters.

From the very beginning of its activities, StalProm LLC has been paying great attention to personnel issue resulting in the most qualified metal industry experts. Now the staff consists of 500 people. In order to meet the needs of foreign customers, a Foreign Trade and Export Control Department has been established at the company site in 2008. Its establishment has sufficiently reduced the costs of product sales outside Russia.

In order to improve the quality of service for Russian customers, seven more branches apart from the head sales department were established throughout Russia in Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Surgut, Krasnodar. A temporary storage warehouse was also established in each city.

Branch network

branch map
branch map

The future that is seen today

Today, StalProm LLC is strongly positioned as one of the market leaders in lifting equipment production. All company production is certified and has all tolerances according to the Russian and international standards what is confirmed by regular tests of production by its own quality control laboratory and independent verifications.

StalProm’s own designing department allows it to develop the most innovative solutions to any task set by the customer.

The short-range plan of the company is an accreditation of the Ministry of Defence military representative office.

The main principles of our company are production of high-quality lifting equipment, attention to customers' needs and the highest possible service.

We are always ready to cooperate and will be glad to have you as our client!

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