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The history of our company spans more than 15 years. All this time we steadily go forward, constantly expanding our production capacities for our customers, mastering new technologies and exploring sales markets, improving our output products and offering the highest quality and modern products for lifting and transportation of goods. You can find the full range of our products in the catalogue.
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    StalProm traces its history since 2002.The company is a major commercial partner of such enterprises as AO BMK and ZAO MKZ for the supply of wire rope products, it is involved in wholesale and retail sale of wire ropes. The output of wire rope products was 400 tons per month.

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    The company started production of rope slings on the production area of 100 sq. m.

    Cable product selling warehouses were opened in Nefteyugansk and Nizhnevartovsk.

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    The increase of the production area up to 1000 sq. m., a thimble production section was opened.

    To meet the demand for wire rope products and lifting equipment of the Khanti-Mansiysky district, a branch was opened in Surgut, to which Nefteyugansk and Nizhnevartovsk units were subordinate.

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    Production of slings from textile webbing was organized. Due to the increase in sales of wire rope and textile slings, production workshops of 2000 sq.m. were acquired. There were a wire rope sling manufacture workshop (20 lathes and 2 presses of 100 and 600 t for the production of slings by crimping), a workshop for sewing textile slings (10 sewing machines), and a thimble production section. The production site operated on в a double-shift basis.

    A branch was opened in Krasnoyarsk, its main goal was the sale of wire rope products manufactured by AO BMK.

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    The production of chain slings from chains and grade 8 strength components was established.

    The production of components for slings including sling hooks with load capacity up to 12.5 tons and links for slings with load capacity up to 25 tons was organized.

    A polymer coating booth was installed.

    Branches in Ufa and Ekaterinburg were opened.

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    Production of round slings, of up to 250 tons capacity was established.

    The company established a foreign trade department. Long-term contracts with manufacturers of components for lifting equipment production such as Haklift ABT OY (Finland), JULI SLING Co., etc. were concluded. Monthly consumption of the webbing was 100 000 meters, monthly consumption of components for chain slings manufacture — 5000 pcs. Production and storage space was expanded up to 3000 sq.m.

    A branch in Chelyabinsk was opened.

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    A workshop for the production of wire rope slings of large capacity (wire rope splicing up to 63 mm in diameter), new warehouse complex and new engineering and technical production office were built. Repair work was carried out in the machine workshop. New equipment such as HFC oven, turner equipment (processing of parts with diameter up to 1000 mm, length up to 5000 mm), milling equipment (processing of parts up to 2000 kg) were purchased.

    Office space for the central sales department was purchased.

    A branch in Kazan was opened for full reach of Tatarstan and Central District market.

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    Despite the financial crisis, the company continues to expand its branch network. The additional sales office in Naberezhnye Chelny which completely covered need for the load-lifting equipment of the enterprises of the Zakamsky area was established.

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    A workshop for the production of clamps, lifting beams and complex lifting devices was established.

    In connection with the opening of a new direction, new equipment is purchased: a sheet bending machine (sheet thickness 8 mm, length of the working section 1700 mm), rolling machines (thickness of the rolled sheet 20 mm, length 2000 mm), equipment for hidden arc welding, press-forging equipment, thermal-cutting machines up to 120 mm (plasma arc cutting), blasting equipment for surface preparation for dyeing.

    A workshop for the production of textile slings increased its capacity to 30 machines, the monthly consumption of the webbing was 180 000 m.

    The designing department in which drawings of complex load-lifting equipment were made on the basis of self-design projects was established.

    The most remote branch in Krasnodar was opened. The branch has its own sling production site.

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    Additional production facilities (10,000 sq m) were purchased to open a new direction such as manufacture of metal structures and welded beams. New equipment was purchased: a mill for welded beams production, installation of metal torch cutting, equipment for hidden arc welding, etc.

    A machine for production of slings from ropes with a diameter up to 72 mm was installed on the wire rope slings production site.

    An additional warehouse complex with an area of 400 sq.m. was built. The warehouse had been being constantly replenished with a wide range of components of import and domestic production such as hooks, links, thimbles, clips, chains, shackles, rings, hooks latches and hooks repair kits.

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    The latest equipment for the high-strength synthetic yarn (polyester) textile webbing manufacture was installed on the production area of more than 1000 sq.m. The company had the webbing for different purposes with the width of 25 to 150 mm, that withstands loads up to 30 tons. The webbing is dyed in accordance with the European standard. Each batch of products has a test certificate.

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    Our company was included in the register of approved suppliers of enterprises of TMK Group.

    The certificate of conformance of the quality management system to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001–2008 was collected.

    Certificates of the Russian Maritime register of shipping on wire rope slings, chain slings, clamps and lifting beams were collected.

    Equipment for the production of yarn for round slings was acquired.

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    The workshop for textile slings manufacture began production of towing belts. An packaging machine for wrapping the slings in heat shrink wrap film was purchased.

    A new testing workbench of 100 tons was installed.

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    The technology of webbing slings production was developed.

    Our company had been issued a ROSATOM license, which gives the right to manufacture equipment for nuclear facilities.

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    The production capacity was expanded, the production volume of the weaving workshop and the textilework shop increased by 3 times.

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    A horizontal milling, boring center WHN 13(Q) was purchased in the Czech Republic, which allows high-precision milling of complex products weighing up to 16 tons.

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    The second WHN 13(Q) Czech horizontal boring machine was purchased and put into operation. It is capable of high-precision machining of complex products weighing up to 11 tons. The company launched the development of the company's production system and lean production tools. Managers and specialists took training courses of lean production methods and tools. Two production sites were merged into one. A CNC manufacturing lathe was purchased, a workshop for the production of grade 3 components was built and put into operation. A warehouse of finished products with an area of ​​1500 m2 was built and put into operation.

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    The enterprise jouned the increased labor productivity federal program. A project was launched and successfully implemented to increase production volume in the textile workshop. For 6 months, textile production managers and specialists in cooperation with federal competence center experts were trained to increase the finished products output in the workshop. As a result of the project, the monthly slings production increased by 30%, to 120,000 pieces, with the same authorised staff size. The company organized a service consisting of two specialists in charge for production system development and lean production tools. Processes to improve operative activity within the the company were organized. The following equipment was purchased and put into operation: a beam drill, a pipe bending machine, a vertical milling machine, a metal thermal cutting machine, and two weaving machines. The metal warehouse building with a total area of ​​1100 m2 was renovated.

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    In the textile division, manufacturing time was reduced by 15% within the framework of the project. The construction of additional production facilities of the textile workshop had begun, as a result the production area would be increased by 740 square meters. The output of textile slings had been increased from 120,000 pieces per month to 200,000. In 2021, the first LHD machine was produced. The company bought a profile bending machine that could roll a pipe up to 170mm in diameter. Automatic grippers for steel coils were manufactured. A branch was opened in St. Petersburg.

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