Import substitution

It is no secret that the domestic economy is currently experiencing not the most stable times. The problem of import substitution is very acute. According to various estimates, the share of imports in handling equipment is about 50 percent.

StalProm LLC is an enterprise that is ready to make good for foreign lifting equipment deficit in the Russian market.

In 2019, StalProm LLC designed and manufactured a fork adapter for a Still brand loader with a lifting capacity of 2 tons for one of Ural metallurgical enterprises. This adapter is intended to replace the AUSBAU-FA-GH type imported gripper.

The developed design documentation was agreed with the customer. The products were made in a short time and delivered to the customer. The price of the gripper produced by StalProm LLC is several times lower than the foreign version price, while the characteristics of both items are the same.

Exhibition Metal Expo-2021

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