21-K naval gun model

The 21-K naval gun model was made by order of the UMMC military and civilian equipment Museum complex in Verkhnyaya Pyshma city: https://mkugmk.ru/ru/.

The shipborne artillery mount was developed and produced in the USSR at the Plant No. 8. The naval gun was in service with USSR surface and submarine ships during the Second World War, as well as in the post-war period. It is still in service with the Russian Navy.

21-K can be seen in many museums of different countries, such as the “Attack on the Mount Sapun on May 7, 1944” Diorama Museum (Sevastopol), A.I.Marinesko Museum of Russian Submarine Forces (Saint Petersburg), Museum of the Black Sea Fleet (Sevastopol), Memorial to the defenders of the Shlisselburg fortress (Shlisselburg).

Exhibition Metal Expo-2021

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