GOST 2688,7668,3071,3077 steel wire ropes in Kazan

In the Kazan branch, you can now purchase ropes with a diameter of 5.3 to 30 mm that meet the requirements of GOST 2688,7668,3071,3077 standards for cargo purposes. In addition, services are offered for unwinding and cutting the rope to the required size.

You can buy wire ropes with a length of 1m or more or order products of other GOST standards. Ropes are supplied in different packaging: in drums of different types or in coils with fixed ends, lubricated or not. At the request of the client, the ropes packaging can be sheathed with boards, wrapped in foil, etc.

The quality of the wire ropes is confirmed by the marking of the leading enterprises for the hardware products manufacture, conformity certificates and other cargo documentation. The manufacturer checks the appearance, dimensions, mechanical properties of individual wires, the condition of the surface of uncoated wires, the zinc coating quality, and the rope total breaking load.

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