18 years of production experience has allowed StalProm to achieve the highest level of product quality and become a leader in terms of the volume of manufactured lifting equipment.

The StalProm company has its own production and warehouse complex with an area of ​​more than 15 hectares, which consists of several workshops, warehouses, offices, an exhibition hall, a garage and other facilities.

The production and warehouse base is equipped with the equipment necessary for production, which is constantly updated: modern machines and high-tech equipment are purchased. You can see all manufactured products in the catalog.

Our workshops

  • Workshop for the manufacture of rope and chain slings.
  • Workshop for the production of textile slings. It produces tape and round-strand slings, towing and tie-down straps, high-strength soft mounting towels.
  • Workshop for the production of textile tape. The division produces polyester tapes for the manufacture of slings.
  • Workshop for the production of components of the 3rd strength class for the manufacture of rope slings.
  • Workshop for the manufacture of traverses and grips for lifting any type of cargo, both according to the customer's drawings, and based on the design department's own developments.
  • Workshop for the production of large-sized and non-standard products.

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Warehouse complex

StalProm pays a lot of attention to the quality of packaging and careful storage in its warehouses, because it is not enough to produce a quality product, it also needs to be packaged and stored with high quality.

That is why the company's specialists have developed high-quality sealed packaging for the perfect safety of textile slings, products during transportation and its convenient loading and unloading at the installation site. Traverses and grips are packed with a soft fabric wrapped with stretch film during shipment to prevent loss of presentation during transportation.

The warehouse complex includes the following warehouses:

  • finished goods warehouse;
  • rope warehouse;
  • warehouses of raw materials and components

Suppliers and materials

StalProm manufactures products only from high-quality materials that ideally combine strength, durability, resistance to various weather conditions (the possibility of manufacturing components from high-strength steel for cold climatic conditions).

The quality of our products is a paramount task for StalProm, and it can only be achieved

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