The clip for wire rope is an accessory for the steel cables. This device is necessary for connection of separate pieces of steel wire ropes. If the wire rope clip is installed correctly and the tightening of the clip is calculated accurately, the terminal connection can be considered safe.

The wire rope clip which is offered for sale by our company correspond to GOST 13186. In particular, type DIN741 wire rope clip can be used only for the fixing but it should never be used for lifting, holding or relocation operations. If hoisting of the goods is required, the wire rope clip DIN1142 should be used.

We will be happy to help you purchase the necessary lifting equipment. Our specialists are always ready to give you the information in connection of operational effectiveness of any device. We have the corresponding certificates for all our products and the warranty period is established for any product.

A wide selection of miscellaneous equipment is presented on our website which includes the wire rope clips DIN1142 as well as wire rope clip DIN741.

By the customer’s choice the equipment can be delivered by our company. The delivery by the customer is also possible. We cooperate with transport company for a long time and the chosen goods can be delivered to any city of Russian Federation as well as to the countried of the CIS. If you want to cooperated with a responsible and honest company, we are always ready to meet your requirements.

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