FIBC Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (jumbo bag, big bag)

FIBC Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container is a large-sized bag made of high-tenacity material (polypropylene) with eyes made of the big bag fabric, or of webbing slings attached to the bag.

The scope of such containers is extensive - they are used in agriculture, chemical and food industry, as well as in construction. Containers are suitable for transportation and storage of any granulated, bulk, fine and lump materials. Containers can be stacked on condition that they are placed vertical and closely.

The container can be equipped with a polyethylene insert. FIBC vary in their thickness and purpose (for example, food or technical containers). The most important purpose of the polyethylene insert is a thorough cargo sealing and its protection from environmental exposure, it protects the cargo from moisture and water, precipitation, foreign odor and dust.

Lifting capacity of big bags range from 0.5 to 2.0 tons and their volume ranges from 0.5 to 2 m3. The weight of the container itself is 0.2-0.3% of the weight of the transported cargo, which allows you to carry the maximum amount of the product.

The versatility of the specialized containers is determined by a large variety of models, differing in size and lifting capacity, the number of lifting eyes, the type of loading and unloading devices and additional elements (polyethylene insert, stiffener plates, etc.).

Flexible intermediate bulk containers vary in:

  • the number of slings (eyes) - one-sling, two-sling, four-sling bags:
  • types of loading devices.

The basic type of loading and unloading devices is designed with an open top and a solid bottom.

If in the case of an open top the situation does not imply additional explanations, then a solid bottom can be made in different ways: a sewn square bottom or additional reinforcement of the FIBC design by stitching the bottom in a star shape.

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