Towel-type slings

Soft towel-type slings for pipes are textile-based polyurethane-impregnated textile-based slings that allow to safely and carefully carry the loading and installation work of fragile cargo that is subject to deformation and damage, move and install pipes of different diameters during the construction of gas and oil pipelines. The towel-type sling is hung on a metal lifting beam attached to a lifting hook.

The cloth tape (belt) of the towel-type sling provides soft contact with the insulating layer of the pipes coating and other transported elements, and also makes it possible to evenly distribute the pressure put by the slings to the load preventing its damage. Textile towel-type slings are useful for welding-up pipes and wielding them into section, because they ensure precise joining of pipe sections.

For the manufacture of the slings high-strength polyester is used, which increases the load-carrying characteristics of towel-type slings compared with other lifting devices. Tapes (belts) of towel-type slings have a long service life and are made by modern equipment from high-quality local and imported materials with a high strength factor.

Towel-type slings are easy to use, light in weight, and they also withstand the effects of excessive temperature loads.

Towel-type slings are also used for equipment of an additional pipelayer on difficult salient areas with changes in topography of the area in order to prevent pipeline breaks.

Towel-type slings types

  • PM-STP towel-type slings are used for installing pipes in a trench and fixing pipes when carrying out welding work during the construction of new pipelines and the reconstruction of existing ones;
  • VMP (endless) round high-tenacity towel-type slings help to avoid the necessity for the use of lifting beams when dismantling and laying pipelines;
  • VMPp round high-tenacity towel-type choker slings with an increased width of slings (width up to 600 m).
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