Steel wire ropes (cables)

"SteelProm company offers galvanized steel ropes at the lowest prices to its customers. The galvanized steel rope is basically one of the known types of metalware made of twisted wire. The product has high safety margin that is 8 times higher than the classic ropes made of hemp. Steel cable (wire rope) characteristics Galvanized steel wire rope is the main element of hoisting mechanisms and lifting equipment. This type of metalware has long been used in various industries: agriculture, construction, shipbuilding, oil and gas producing industry, at iron and steel works, etc. Depending on the rope lay type, the galvanized steel wire rope falls into several types: single lay; double lay; triple lay; The last type of lay can be done in any direction. These parameters directly affect the flexibility of the product and its capacity for cabling. According to these functions, the single lay wire rope is the most collapsible of all the types. Steel wire ropes (cables) also differ in the way they are laid. For example, there are point and linear contact options, as well as some of their varieties. These parameters determine the purpose of the model for a particular sphere of action." "Steel wire rope markings Our company sells wire ropes with and without polymeric coating. Alloy and galvanized steel cables are in great demand. Such metalware least of all expose to corrosion, temperature changes, substances and environments attacks. Our company offers steel wire ropes of 3 main markings for galvanization: Zh - designed for aggressive environment; S - is used in medium aggressive conditions; OZh- for highly aggressive environment. Each model has its own quality and performance characteristics that are considered when choosing and purchasing the products. When ordering a steel cable, specify the price and the following parameters: the length and cross-section diameter of the wire rope; type of manufacture, lubrication and lay; minimum breaking strength; type of coating or lack thereof." Sphere of application of wire ropes with different markings The application of the galvanized steel wire rope depends on its design. GOST 3062-80, 3063-80 and 3064-80. They belong to single lay cables and are used in conditions of regular tensile loads. They are used most often for the manufacturing of lightning protection cables for electric transmission lines, various kinds of fences, etc. LK-R in accordance with GOST 2688-80. They are designed to work in aggressive and highly aggressive environments. They are also used in work with alternating bending: in mines, on lifting equipment, in iron and steel industry, etc. LK-O in accordance with GOST 3069-80 and 3077-80. They are used on rigging equipment, in elevator shafts and on cargo ships in particular. In this case, drums of large diameter are used. LK-Z in accordance with GOST 7665-80 and 7667-80. You can buy a cabe (wire rope) of this design for almost any industrial field. These multifunctional products are not recommended for use in the aggressive environment. They are made of thin wire, which is less resistant to corrosion. LK-RO in accordance with GOST 7668-80, 7669-80 and 16853-88. Such wire ropes are distinguished by a large number of wires in each strand. The outer layer consists of thick wires, and that allows the use of these products in higly aggressive environments. TC according to GOST 3071-88 and 3070-80. It is not recommended for use in units with intense mechanical loads. It is recommended to purchase this cable (wire rope) for intensive operation application. They are used as supporting elements in saw mills or other installations. TLK according to GOST 3079-80. These cables are used only in installations which technical characteristics permit their use. They are made by double lay and point-linear contact. SteelProm company sells steel cables (wire ropes) at a price of 1,6 rubles to 300 rubles per meter. Our products are of high quality, so they can be used in all kinds of enterprises. The company has won the trust of customers over the years due to the durability and reliability of its products and full compliance with all contractual obligations.
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