Lashing systems

The lashing systems are reliable multi-use fixing equipment. This systems are required for secure fixing of any cargo which is to be transported by truck or by any other means of transportation. Special elements they are equipped with, like ratchet mechanism - special device used to prevent the loosening of the lashing, prevent the slackness of the chain/webbing. The lashing systems fix the transported cargo safely and securely.

The lashing systems are produced in two variants: textile and chain.

Types of lashing systems:

  • Lashing belts (or textile ratchet straps);
  • chain lashing (or chain lashing system).

Textile ratchet straps

The ratchet straps or lashing belts made of textile material ensure the secure fixing of different loads being transported by any means of transport. Easiness of operation and functionality provide significant advantages to these ratchet straps in comparison to some other cargo fixing tools. Soft webbing belts made of textile material prevent damage to the cargo and make it possible to fix them securely thus keeping the original appearance of the goods being transported.

Textile lashing systems are best when it is required to fix the goods quickly for the transportation. They are easily operated and even a newbie can quickly understand how to use them. One more advantage of the textile fixing is the soft material which is used for its production. This prevent the scratching of the cargo.

The main working elements of any textile lashing system is the tension device and polyester webbing. The tension device keeps the webbing strained, preventing its loosing and this also protects the goods against the fall during the transportation. The webbing made of polyester is resistant to the influence of moisture, cold, machine oil and other chemical substances. While choosing the webbing, one should take into the consideration the type and dimensions of the transported goods - the length of the lashing belt and its load capacity strongly depend on this. The belts are convenient in operation, they have a lot of positive features in comparison with other lashing systems.

Chain lashing systems

The chain lashing systems are able to ensure higher lashing strength than textile ones. Chain lashing guarantee the total security of the goods fixing and their transportation.

The modern lashing systems are ideal for fixing of goods with any dimensions and weight. It is important to ensure the effective tension to fix the cargo safely. Some models have the design due to which they can be manipulated even by one hand.

You can purchase the lashing systems of the highest quality from us at affordable price. Depending on the type of the goods transported the lashing systems can be chosen with different tension force, length and equipped with different rigging elements (rings, hooks, jaws).

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