Wire rope slings

Строп канатный

The company StalProm offers to you the high-quality and highly durable products, namely steel wire rope slings. We guarantee that the steel wire rope slings of our production correspond to the entire list of the strictest contemporary security regulations. Wire rope slings area of usage is vast, they can be used on the warehouses during loading/unloading of all kinds of cargo loads as well as at the production of hazardous materials. Before being approved for the selling, we test our products to make sure that they correspond to all of the required specifications and features. The customers can be absolutely 100% sure that the purchased steel wire rope slings which are manufactured under strict technical control are reliable, durable and tested.

Steel wire rope slings have large amount of positive features. There are three kinds of steel wire rope slings:

  • Eye type slings;
  • Endless type slings;
  • Multi-leg type slings.

There are substantial differences between these types. The experts of the company StalProm will provide the comprehensive competent consultation about the each type of the slings usage peculiarities and will explain the technical specifications of the steel wire rope slings.

Steel wire rope slings are very simple for the operation and can be used by personnel with any background experience, even by beginners. The main positive feature of the steel wire rope slings is that it is worn out gradually, and not instantly, and the worker always has the opportunity to interfere with the cargo handling process and prevent the break-down. If dynamic load is applied, the tension does not increase and this prevents dangerous situations on a construction site or in the working process on the warehouse.

Often the most complex stages of the construction process are made with the help of the steel wire rope slings. Steel wire rope slings are highly valued for their resistance to the dynamic load. Lifting and transportation of large concrete slabs and other over dimensional loads cannot be made without steel wire rope slings.

Steel wire ropes are able to withstand the low temperature without losing their properties which makes it possible to use the wire rope slings in the complex climatic zone.

Safe working load of the wire ropes and wire rope slings depends on the cargo slinging scheme:

The safe working load of the sling made of steel wire rope is strongly influenced by the angle between the sling legs. If the angle reaches 120º, the working load limit of the slings should be reduced to its half and if the angle between the sling legs exceeds 120º, the lifting of the cargo is prohibited.

The warranty period set by the manufacturer StalProm is 3 months from the start-up date.

The safety factor of the slings and their components is 6:1.

Заплетка канатных стропОпрессовка канатных строп


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