Textile Sling

Durable textile webbing slings

Textile webbing slings are indispensable equipment for organizing and carrying out work on the movement, loading and unloading of objects. They are made from a special synthetic material that is able to withstand heavy loads and has an excellent safety factor. To visually determine the characteristics and features of the use of textile slings, the webbing is made from a material of different colors.

Webbing sling features

Webbing manufacture The popularity of using these products is explained by their important characteristics and advantages that are absent in wire rope and chain slings:

  • Convenience of work. Textile slings can be placed under the structure, moved along it or fastened on a hook;
  • Webbing slings have excellent resistance to the effects of chemicals and negative factors of weather conditions;
  • High probability of cargo safety. It is important to work with fragile objects and objects with soft edges and painted surfaces;

The safest working load on textile slings, taking into account the load slinging schemes.

Our company offers to buy inexpensive webbing sling of our own production. As a basis, we use high-strength webbing. "StalProm" has its own production of webbing from which the slings are made. For them, the highest quality PES fiber, which is load-resistant, is purchased. A separate line produces towing and ratchet straps.

Basic designs of webbing slings according to RD 24-SZK-01-01