Chain slings

Chain slings are made of steel round-link chain and safety factor 8 rigging. The slings of this type are widely used as a cargo handling device in the sailing, construction, on the road transport and production facility warehouses, in the chemical industry and on the metallurgical factories. Their production is regulated by the technical specification TU 4835-015-77850967-10.

The positive features of the chain sling are as follows:

  • It is permitted to use them at the temperature from -40°C to 200°C without any allowance for the working load limit and with allowance for the working load limit in relation to the working load limit according to the certificate (using the reduction coefficient) - as low as -400°C;
  • there are no elastic deformations with is significant during the mechanical work;
  • the correct usage makes possible to handle the cargo with sharp edge;
  • they are compact and are folded easily;
  • prolonged usage period;
  • can be connected easily;
  • can withstand the aggressive environments;
  • the worn-out parts can be replaced.

The chain slings are usually used at the chemical and metallurgical enterprises and also while handling and transporting the dangerous substances.

The acceptability of the chain sling for operation is checked by measuring the length of the chain links and their diameter. The worn-out elements of the sling can be replaced with the new ones without performance degradation. The chain slings are distinguished by relatively cheap price, and they have the safety factor of breaking load not less than 4 times of the working load limit.

The usage of the slings is regulated by the Safety Rules of Dangerous Production Facilities on which the lifting equipment is used.

The production company StalProm offers the chain slings with the warranty period of two years after the production date and 18 months after the first use moment.

You can buy the chain slings which keep the working properties without working load limit degradation at the temperature from -40 to +200 degrees Celsius at low price in the StalProm company. The slings and other elements are heated when the temperature rises over limit and then are cooled in the air. As the consequences, the structure of the metal is changed and the mechanical properties are influenced which lowers the working load limit of the sling.

The following table contains the information about the maximum load the chain sling can withstand and ensure the safety of the work taking into account the slinging scheme:

Максимальные нагрузки на цепные стропы

The usage of the chain slings at the temperature from -40 degrees to + 200 degrees Celsius does not influence their working load limit. The exceedance of this temperature leads to heating of the chain and other sling elements with the subsequent cooling in the open air. This results in the changes in the metal structure and degrading of its mechanical properties and reduction of sling's working load limit. The influence of environment temperature on the chain sling working load limit:

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