Lifting beams and speader beams

Beams are mounting devices for fastening any type of cargo to lifting cranes. Beams are made of steel and are an intermediate link between the crane hook and the cargo, they have a special design that provides the ability to protect the cargo from falling and defects by slings during its lifting and transportation.

Beams are divided into several types depending on the location of the cargo grasp point. You can purchase beams of the following types:

  • lifting beams, in which a beam system is used and with two attach points raising the center. Suitable for long loads;
  • lifting beams with two attach points placed in a straight line raising the edges of the cargo. They are used to move loads with a displaced center of gravity;
  • spreader beams used to move bulky cargo raising it by the center;
  • spreader beams that lift large loads by the edges in cases where the pressure on the slings is almost reduced to zero. These are H-type, T-type and frame type spreader beams.

The beam is hung on the crane hook through a pin attached to its base or through the eye. Cargo within loading gage needs to be lifted by double-axis beams, with each of the axles being attached to two cranes. Usually, a double-axis beam is used on large industrial and metallurgical sites. You can order such a beam of an individual design, according to specific requests and workplace conditions.

A beam equipped with custom-designed clamps is used for containers unloading. You can purchase this type of a beam with any characteristics offered by the customer.

Because of the best price offers in the StalProm company price list, the purchase of beams is an absolutely affordable event for industrial and construction companies with any production capacity.

Each enterprise which needs to lift and move goods while manufacturing can equip the crane with a beam for any type of operation and secure the working site.