Lifting beams

Lifting beams are used to help the process of lifting and movement of bulky goods. A lifting beam looks like a line beam or welded construction made of channel bar. The use of such devices greatly mechanizes the entire work of the enterprise, since this type of beams reduces manual labor and guarantees the safety of the transported goods

Lifting beam types and their design features

Lifting beams can have various types of attachments and can be of various forms. This beam type can be equipped with an attachment to the center or to two extreme points. Also, most of the beams are equipped with specialized fixing mechanisms, which are located all along the beam. Thanks to them the movable hangers to which various slings and hooks can be attached are firmly fastened to the beam.

Hangers can be fixed on the edges of the beam stationary. Channel bars, contoured ducts or round pipes and I-beams can be used as a center girder of the lifting beam.

Lifting beams with a lifting point at the center - this type of beams is simply indispensable in the case when there is a restriction on the lift height.

Liftig beams operation along with other devices

Due to the simplicity of the design, the lifting beam is much more affordable comparing to other beam types. However, while performing complex rigging work, it is necessary to use additional mounting constructions and devices as well as specialized equipment, such as:

  • Round or rope slings for lifting and moving long cargo, such as pipes, lumber or debars.
  • Slings equipped with clamps and hooks for containers lifting and moving.
  • Various types of pallets and wooden packing for lifting and moving construction materials, vehicles and technological equipment.
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