Spreader beams H-type

A typical spreader beam is designed to work with large cargo or with goods which structural feature excludes the slings load pressure to the rest of the cargo area while seizing the cargo with the beam.

One of its types is the H-type spreader beam designed to lift the cargo that needs to be fixed by 4 technological holes located on the body. The location of the slings should be as vertical as possible. This device consists of one longitudinal long spandrel beam and two small-length load beams, to which various end fittings are attached. It can be hooks, eyes or shackles. A beam channel is used as a material for the H-type spreader beam. The location of the fastening devices (pinchers, hooks, eyes), end loading points, the length of the load beams and spandrel beams are regulated by GOST.

H-type spreader beam can be used together with rope or round slings to lift and move:

  • steel along with clamps;
  • various long cargo, such as: debars, pipes, span beams, timber etc .;
  • industrial equipment with four technological holes, for example: power plants, welding machines, etc.

Two types of lifting through H-type spreader beam and their performances

There are two types of H-type spreader beam. These beams differ in types of goods transported by them. The devices that are lifted by the center are more sensitive to the balance of the lifted load. But, on the other hand, they have a small limiting height, therefore they can be used in tight spaces with lift-off limitation.

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