Spreader beams T-type

The purpose of the T-type spreader beams is transportation of cargo requiring fastening for 3 points. This type of beam is also used to move goods with an uneven distribution of weight. For example, it may be structural beams or industrial equipment with an undetermined center of gravity: mills or heavy metal blocks. To adjust the length of the branch, chain slings with shortening hooks should be used as end fittings. Moving of the adjustable link allows you to more accurately determine the cargo center of gravity to prevent the beam from skewing.

Types of T-type spreader beams designs and specifications of their use

Spreader beams are used to lift and move cargo with more than two attachment points, which are not located on one straight line. T-type spreader beam which has many modifications is more popular for the movement of such goods.

T-type spreader beams differ in seizure method. Beams of this type lift the cargo by the edges or center. When lifting the cargo by the edges, a two-leg sling is used. Specifications of the use of such types of products are very different. T-type spreader beams lifting the cargo by the edges are much lighter, but significantly higher than products with a rigid eye in the center. T-type spreader beams are not applicable if the lift height is limited.

Usually, such rigging devices are manufactured customary for lifting and moving specific objects of irregular shape, which have a displaced or not clearly defined center of gravity. Prices may vary significantly, since the cost of manufacture depends on T-type spreader beam design features.

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