Spreader beams frame type

Spreader beam is a type of lifting mechanism, which design allows it to grasp the cargo by 3 or more points. Using the beam while lifting the load reduces or completely removes the bending load that affects the cargo in the case of lifting using slings.

The main advantages of spreader beams

  • Great for lifting and moving bulky goods.
  • Can be used in conditions with limited lift height.
  • Can be used along with slings or an eye.
  • It is possible to manufacture collapsible spreader beams.
  • It is possible to manufacture spreader beams with adjustable gravity center.

Spreader beams can be made in different configurations, which are determined by the type and measurements of the load (weight, size, grasping points number and location), as well as the conditions in which the loading process will take place. One of the spreader beam types is a frame type spreader beam.

Frame type spreader beam application

Frame type spreader beams are designed to lift and move large cargo with four grasping points. They are used most often in construction, railroad, oil and gas and marine industries. The most common field of use of the beam is lifting and moving of containers. To do this, this type of spreader beam is equipped with specialized automatic clamps.

Frame type spreader beam design

Frame type spreader beam has a rigid frame structure. Usually, it can be made collapsible at the request of the customer. The frame type spreader beam is attached to the lifting equipment using a four leg sling or a central eye.

If a sling is attached to the spreader beam, then the stability of the beam increases significantly, and the beam may well be used with cargo the center of gravity of which is displaced relative to the vertical axis.

Frame type spreader beam is completed with a variety of end fittings that correspond to the loading capacity as well as load-handling devices.

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