Lifting beams for oil and gas industry

Lifting beams for oil and gas industry has been specifically designed to enable pipeline construction in oil and gas industry. This kind of a beam is attached directly to the pipeline boom crane hook. In addition, it comes with soft slings.

Types of beams for pipeline trenching and construction.

During the construction of long-distance pipelines, several basic types of lifting mechanisms are used for transporting and trenching pipes:

  • compact beams coming with soft slings;
  • pipe beams of different designs.

In cases where there is not enough of lift height and it is impossible to work using slings, pipe beams are used, their main advantage is that they significantly reduce the lift height.

After the pipes are delivered to the construction site they are welded together. In order to carry out the pipes lining, external clamps of various types are used:

  • sectional clamp;
  • bench clamp;
  • eccentric clamp etc.

After the pipes have been welded, they are laid into a trench.

There are two pipeline trenching patterns:

Pattern 1. The fully insulated and butt-welded pipeline, together with the joints, is lifted not more than 0.5-0.7 meters above the construction site using 3-5 pipeline boom cranes and is moved towards the trench to be subsequently lowered into the design position. In this case, it is extremely important that the work is carried out in a continuous way.

Pattern 2. The pipeline with uninsulated joints is lifted 1.2-1.4 meters above the construction site using 4 pipeline boom cranes, thereby creating space for cleaning and insulation of the joints. The pipeline is lowered as soon as the joints are ready. A critical point is that the pipeline trenching must be performed cyclically in a period, which is determined by the time of insulation and cleaning of the joints by mechanical means. If cleaning and insulation of the joints is done manually, usage of supporting piers is recommended.

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