Lifting beams for containers

Nowadays, a huge variety of ready-made designs of beams for lifting and moving containers has been created.

Examples of basic and most commonly used types of beams for containers:

Lifting beams that lift the load by the center or edges and are used along with hooks and slings, which are fixed to the bottom fittings of the container. In order to work with various containers (20 or 40 ft) using the method of shortening the length of the slings, chain slings with shortening hooks should be installed. This method provides the ability to move almost any set of containers.

These beams can be made both for the double and single crane hook of the load-lifting unit. While lifting the edges, it will be enough to install round slings suitable for all types of hooks. For lifting beams lifting the center, installation of additional master links is available.

It is not always possible to lift the container by the upper fittings. For this type of work spreader beams suit perfectly: they can be used both for lifting the edges and the center. The crucial aspect is that the beam should correspond to the size of the container, also slings equipped with clamps for the upper fittings of the container should be installed .

In order to make the work easier, there are spreader beams that can be both fully automatic and semi-automatic.

Spreader beams can be classified by design as:

  • rigid spreader beams - devices with permanent measures designed for lifting containers of one type;
  • telescopic spreader beams are equipped with a special adjustable frame and designed for lifting containers of both types;
  • special spreader beams designed to work with trailers and container trucks;
  • special devices for moving two or more containers.

The spreader beam can be equipped both for lifting the center, that is, lifting directly using the crane hook to hold the lifting height, and for lifting the edges using slings.

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