Lifting beams for railway

Lifting beams for railway are designed to transport wheels and wheel pairs.

Beams of this type are manufactured according to individual drawings with strict observance of all necessary stages of the technological process. Each beam must be checked by control services before use. Types of beams for lifting wheel pairs:

  • by the inner edge of the wheel. This type of beam is quite easy to use and greatly simplifies the movement of wheel pairs. It is possible to manufacture a custom beam for lifting wheel pairs of almost any working load limit.
  • by the axis. This type of beam is most convenient to use in comparison with other similar traverses. Its main distinguishing features and advantages are that it is relatively easy to manufacture, affordable and it is the most efficient in operation. Its main purpose is to provide a reliable interlock and grip between the cargo and the beam.

Lifting beams for bogies with wheel pairs

This type of beam consists of two adjacent beams used for wheel pairs, attached to each other by a single lifting beam. The hooking is made through the center. This beam greatly facilitates all types of work related to the movement of bogies. The customer can also order the production of this type of beam according to individual drawings.

Lifting beams for 5 railroad wheels

This type of beam is used for lifting and moving five railroad wheels. Fastening of cargo is made with the use of specialized clamps and coupling slings.

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