Pipe clamps are widely used in pipelines repair operations and construction industry.

The main purpose of the pipe clamps is alignment of pipe ends before welding for their assembly and leveling in open space conditions.

The external fit-up pipe clamp (EFPC) is useful for pipes alignment of the ends (tie-in joints and three-pipe joints) with a diameter of 57-1420 mm before welding.

Working with this type of pipe clamps has a significant amount of advantages.

All advantages of the external fit-up pipe clamp (EFPC):

  • It has more pipe contact points than other pipe clamps.
  • It can produce the best possible compression for pipes with a small diameter (from 325 to 377 millimeters).
  • The system is multifunctional. The set has spare parts that allow you to change the pipe clamp diameter and make it bigger while performing the work, several links just need to be added.

The pipe clamp is equipped with an additional tensioner system.

External eccentric pipe clamp (EEPC)

The pipe clamp comes with an eccentric clamp and two or three supporting yokes. For pipes of various diameters, spacers or axle permutation method are used. It is possible to weld the entire joint without removing the external eccentric pipe clamp, for which arched spacers are used.

Pipe clamp markings depending on the diameter of the lined up pipes and their weight:

  • EEPC 8-15 - with a diameter of lined up pipes of 89-155 mm with a weight up to 7 kg;
  • EEPC 16-21 - with a diameter of lined up pipes of 168-219 mm with a weight of 11,7 kgs or 14,7 kgs;
  • EEPC 27-32 - with a diameter of lined up pipes of 263-325 mm with a weight of 13,9 kgs and 17,7 kgs;
  • EEPC 37-42 - with a diameter of lined up pipes of 377-426 mm with a weight of 15,5 kgs or 19,3 kgs;
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