Clamps for reels

Clamps for reels are the mechanisms which are used for lifting and transportation of different reels. The clamps for reels are used with lifting equipment equipped with a hook.

The transportation of the reels should be mechanized as much as possible and conducted using special slings and gripping devices made for this purpose. As a rule, the reels are lifted using slings for the ends of rods put through the flanges holes.

There are two main types of the reels clamps: horizontal and vertical. The vertical clamp can be equipped with chains, wire ropes and pipes.

The specification of the clamps for lifting of the reels in vertical position

Chain clamp is very convenient and simple in operation. Its usage period is pretty long due to the 8 grade chains which are most often used in it. The chain type reel lifting clamp has a working load limit in the range from 1.0 to 12.5 t.

The wire rope lifting clamp is used for lifting and transportation of the reels in vertical position. Due to usage of wire rope in its construction its price is more affordable. The wire rope type clamp has working load limit from 2.0 to 15.0 t.

Clamp for lifting of the reels in horizontal position.

This type of clamp is used for lifting and transportation of the reel in horizontal position. Both wire rope slings and 8 grade chain slings can be used together with this clamp and this will enlarge its working life. The clamps of this type can be used only in pair. The working load limit of these clamps for reels - up to 10.0 t.

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