Clamps for barrels

A clamp for barrels is a simply-operated small-sized mechanism which ensures fast and precise clamping of barrels and their further transportation to the stated place. This type of clamp is most popular in the construction, chemical and oil processing industry, on farms, personal households and wine production enterprises. The clamps of this type are not only used for barrels transportation but also for their overturning with a special manual wheel-type mechanism. Also the barrel clamps can be fitted with a special rigging hook on which a cargo is hanged.

Two types of barrel clamps

Vertical clamp for barrels is light-weighted and small-sized mechanism. Its construction allows to handle the barrels in vertical position. The vertical lifting clamp is installed at the barrel's side.

The horizontal lifting clamp is more reliable since it holds the barrel in horizontal position on both sides. The usage of this clamp allows the even weight distribution of the object being lifted and makes the operation of the cargo lifting equipment easier.

The clamps for barrels are designed for the goods with different weight. They can be used as a separate unit or as additional equipment for lifting beams or loading machine. The clamps for barrels can be adjusted automatically, can be used in any weather conditions and different environments.

Operation principle of the barrel gripping mechanism

The construction of the barrel clamp is simple and reliable - it looks like a parrot's beak and has low weight which makes it convenient to used them. The gripping devices for transportation of barrels are distinguished by their special construction ensuring the safe interaction of the clamp with the cargo constructional elements.

For lifting and transportation of the barrels the clamps are fixed directly on the working body of the lifting equipment or slings are used for this. For transportation of several barrels lifting beams with the clamps of this type are used.

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