Russia Day 12.06.2020 Russia Day Let our immense land know no more wars, crises, or falls. Let the further history of Russia be connected with economic growth and the well-being of citizens only. Best wishes, StalProm LLC
Happy Victory Day! 08.05.2020 Happy Victory Day! May 9 is a joyous holiday. We wish you always to be courageous and resilient facing difficulties of life, like our ancestors, who achieved victory in the harsh war days!
Non-driven rail cart 20.02.2020 Non-driven rail cart In the shortest time, StalProm LLC designed and manufactured a non-driven rail cart with a carrying capacity of 3 tons for one of metallurgical enterprises in Ural.
Santa Claus Cup city volleyball tournament 06.01.2020 Santa Claus Cup city volleyball tournament On January 4, the Santa Claus Cup city volleyball tournament was held.
STALPROM LEADERS COMPETITION 26.12.2019 STALPROM LEADERS COMPETITION 43 announced candidates from the company will fight for "StalProm leader" title throughout January.
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! 26.12.2019 Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Please accept our most sincere wishes!
Volleyball Championship 09.12.2019 Volleyball Championship On 07.12.2019, a volleyball tournament was held between our company's 8 teams.
Metal-Expo 2019 Exhibition 29.11.2019 Metal-Expo 2019 Exhibition The 25th Anniversary "Metal-Expo'2019" International Industrial Exhibition was held in Moscow 12 to 15 of November
Happy National Unity Day! 03.11.2019 Happy National Unity Day! This day reminds us of the great unification of the people, their solidarity, freedom and independence.
Volleyball tournament 23.10.2019 Volleyball tournament On October 22, 2019, a friendly volleyball match was held between the teams of StalProm LLC and the Ministry of Emergencies.
Strategic meeting 21.10.2019 Strategic meeting On October 15, a strategic meeting was held, in which all employees of StalProm companies groups took part.
Import substitution 08.10.2019 Import substitution It is no secret that the domestic economy is currently experiencing not the most stable times. The problem of import substitution is very acute.
Successful Supplier 2019 15.03.2019 Successful Supplier 2019 <p>StalProm LLC made the TOP-1000 of successful suppliers created by B2B-Center electronic trading platform at the end of 2018.</p>
Gripper for steel sheet in coils 06.02.2019 Gripper for steel sheet in coils The gripper is designed for lifting and moving steel sheet in rolls vertically.
"Metal-Expo 2018" 24th International Industrial Exhibition 25.12.2018 "Metal-Expo 2018" 24th International Industrial Exhibition On November 13 to 16, the 24th International Industrial Exhibition "Metal-Expo-2018" was held, demonstrating the main trends of the year such as entry into a new cycle of global investments and digital transformation of the metallurgical industry
21-K naval gun model 10.08.2018 21-K naval gun model The 21-K naval gun model was made by order of the UMMC military and civilian equipment Museum complex in Verkhnyaya Pyshma city.
Frames for rolled metal 03.08.2018 Frames for rolled metal Swiveling frames are used to transport goods that have to be turned around during transportation.
Test bench 20.07.2018 Test bench StalProm LLC manufactures slings of various types. After manufacturing, the slings undergo laboratory tensile tests. This test bench is designed for textile slings tensile testing.
Containers for metal shavings 12.07.2018 Containers for metal shavings Industrial containers are used for intermediate storage and transportation of metal shavings.
H-type spreader beams for the metallurgical industry 05.07.2018 H-type spreader beams for the metallurgical industry 21 ZSK1-T1(4R)-10.0/12.5(0.47) H-type spreader beam is used for lifting and moving loads that require fastening at 4 points.
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