15 years of experience in production allowed StalProm LLC to achieve the highest level of product quality and become the manufactured lifting equipment volume leader.
StalProm company has its own production and warehouse complex with an area of ​​more than 15 hectares, consisting of several workshops, warehouses, offices, an exhibition hall, a garage and other structures.

The production and warehouse complex is equipped with constantly updating equipment necessary for production such as modern machine tools and high-tech equipment. You can see all manufactured products in the catalogue

  • Rope and chain slings production workshop.
  • Rope and chain slings production workshop. In this workshop webbing and round slings, towing and tie-down belts and high-strength soft assembly towels are manufactured.
  • Textile webbing production workshop. The division produces polyester webbing for slings manufacturing.
  • Workshop for the production of 3rd strength grade components for the manufacturing of rope slings.
  • Workshop for the production of lifting beams and grabs for lifting any type of cargo, both according to the customer's drawings and on the basis of our own developments of the design department.
  • Large and nonstandard items production workshop.
The warehouse complex includes the following warehouses:
  • finished goods warehouse;
  • ropes warehouse;
  • raw materials and components warehouses;
  • production warehouses.

The workshop for the production of rope and chain slings produces:
  • Rope slings with a working load limit up to 70 tons by braiding a rope of a diameter of 3.2 to 72.0 mm;
  • Rope slings with a working load limit up to 50 tons by pressing with aluminum ferrule of a diameter of 3.2 to 42.0 mm;
  • Chain slings with a working load limit up to 67 tons from a chain of 8 and 10 strength grade of various delivery set at the request of the customer.
The workshop is equipped with:
  • "Talurit" hydraulic presses with the power of 150-1000 tons — 3 units;
  • machines for manual braiding of steel wire ropes of a diameter of 3.2 to 30.5 mm;
  • machines with rotary vise electric drive — for braiding of steel wire ropes of a diameter of 31 to 72 mm.

The sewing workshop meets the needs of our customers for textile slings.
List of manufactured products:
  • textile eye type round slings, endless sings (STP, STK) with a working load limit up to 32 tons;
  • round slings (STKk) with a working load limit up to 400 tons;
  • high tenacity towel-type slings (VMP) with a working load limit up to 300 tons;
  • slings for PM towel-type slings (STP-PM) with a working load limit up to 32 tons;
  • webbing multiple-leg slings 1ST, 2ST, 3ST, 4ST, working load limit up to 67 tons;
  • combined webbing slings (STS, STSp) with a working load limit up to 64 tons;
  • lashing belts, cargo belts and towing belts for cars;
  • webbing eye slings for making a choked sling with a hook.
We also produce any textile or combined lifting products according to customer's sketches and drawings.

The workshop has 50 modern imported sewing machines, two round slings producing machines and a slings packer.


The workshop for the production of strength grade 3 components for rope slings manufacture meets the needs of customers and internal needs for strength 3 grade components.
We manufacture:

  • T, RT1, RT3, OV1, OV2 link types;
  • sling hooks with a working load limit 0.5 to 12.5 tons;
  • thimbles.

The workshop is equipped with: four forming presses (two pcs 63 t, one pc 100 t and one pc 160 t) for stamping parts and blanks, 5 bending machines made in Korea, a hammer for forging, 15 lathes, 3 milling machines, 10 drilling machines (two of which are radial drilling).

There is also more equipment in the workshop:
  • plate burning machine with "Econoxy" programmed control (PC) for sheet metal up to 260 mm thick;
  • shearing press (guillotine) for cutting round metal up to 22 mm in diameter;
  • shearing press (guillotine) for cutting round metal up to 40 mm in diameter;
  • shearing press (guillotine) for cutting sheet metal up to 16 mm thick;
  • semi-automatic horizontal bandsaw - 3 pcs.;
  • lathes, drilling machines, vertical milling machine;
  • horizontal milling machines, grinding machines;
  • roll mills for making products of cylindrical, conical, oval and other shapes of sheet metal by sheet cold forming;
  • semi-automatic welding machines (15 pcs.);
  • arc welding machines.

The workshop for the production of textile webbing produces:
  • webbing for making standard textile slings and lightened slings;
  • webbing for making ratchet belts;
  • webbing for making polyester towing ropes (PES);
  • protective fabric for sling eyes;
  • protective sleeves for round slings.
The dyeing of the webbing is carried out in accordance with the European standard on thermal dyeing equipment. Each batch of webbing is tested at a certified bench tester.

On production areas over 1000 sq. m. the latest German equipment for production of webbing from high-strength synthetic yarn (polyester) is installed.

Suppliers and materials

StalProm LLC manufactures products only from high-quality materials that perfectly combine strength, durability and resistance to various weather conditions (it is possible to manufacture our components from high-strength steel for cold climatic conditions).

The quality of our products is the primary task for StalProm LLC, and it is possible to achieve it only if there are high quality raw materials for manufacturing.

Therefore, among the suppliers of the company, only the best in their industry:
  • OAO Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works;
  • ZAO Omutninsk Metallurgical Plant;
  • LLC Tolyattinsky Zavod Profilya i Trub;
  • OAO OMK;
  • OAO Severstal-Metiz (Orlov);
  • OAO Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant;
  • LLC Companya Metal-Profil;
  • LLC Zlatoust Steel Mill;
  • LLC TK Ryazanskiy Trubniy Zavod.

Quality technology and guarantee

The ISO 9001 quality management system used in the company forms uniform quality requirements and principles for all production sites. Our company has:
  • welding engineers of the 2nd and 3rd grade (NAKS system);
  • non-destructive testing laboratory carrying out ultrasonic and visual measurement inspection;
  • destructive testing laboratory;
  • test benches up to 100 tons for factory tests.
All products are certified, declared (declarations of the customs union, technical regulations on the safety of machinery and equipment) and undergo obligatory factory tests according to the agreed programs of Rostechnadzor Federal Service.

Warehousing and packaging

StalProm LLC pays a lot of attention to the quality of packaging and careful storage of the products in its warehouses. For us it is not enough only to produce a high-quality product, it also has to be packaged and stored properly.

That is why the company's specialists have developed high-quality tight packaging for the perfect safety of textile slings and other products during their transportation, loading and unloading at the installation site. Lifting beams and grips are packed in a soft cloth wrapped in stretch film to prevent loss of their saleable conditions during transportation.